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Pine Marten Feeding

Pine Marten at squirrel feeder. Although nocturnal they come out more during the day (mornings and evenings) during the summer and are not active at around midday.


Here are some Buzzard shots from last week (March16) and one shot from last year. Despite being fairly common and on many a motorway lamp post, this is an extremly shy and weary bird. The slightest movement of the camera len and the buzzard was off. After 20 hours in the hide, I got about two minutes of photography!

Buzzard Gallery


Pine Martens

I have been looking for Pine Martens in the local area for a while now and recently came across this guy. Here is a Pine Marten feeding at a hair tube (to collect hair samples). Hopefully when the weather gets better I can get some daylight pictures.

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I have just added some images that didn't make it to the website during the year.

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