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Photography and Photoshop Tutorials

If you really want to be creative or to get the most out of your camera, you really have to learn how it works. It's not difficult and once you understand the principles , your photography will benefit. Here are some classes I've done with the local camera club, I hope they help. I will be adding to this page periodically.

Layers Sunflowers

Beginners Digital Course- Part 1

  • Cropping an image
  • Straightening an image
  • Image Size, Dimensions and Resolution
  • Documents size
  • Re-sizing vs Re-sampling
  • Adding Text and brief introduction to Layers

Introduction to Landscape and
Wildlife Photography

Beginners Quick Tips

Touchup Actions




Pochard Badger

Digital Workflow Tutorial - Part 1

Digital Workflow Tutorial - Part 2

The White Balance
Correcting the Exposure
Noise Reduction

Removing Blemishes
Auto Levels
Curves and Contrast 


Red Squirrel in Snow this Christmas  

Getting to Grips with Exposure