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About Me - Biography

I was born in Dublin in January 1967, 15 minutes after my twin brother, Ed. I've always been interested in wildlife and the environment. In 1980 I bought a Time magazine that featured acid rain. Since then, I have been a keen conservationist and wildlife enthusiast.

I first learned photography in physics class in 1982 with Chris Sealy. In 1988 I did my first studio work while at college. I took up photography in earnest about 1995. I have travelled to many wild places around the world, in search of wildlife and adventure. I always endeavour to enjoy wildlife as I see it, and not always to view it through a viewfinder. Often, I don't take the camera out, if by doing so, the experience would be ruined.

In 2000 I met my wife, and luckily she shared a mutual interest in wildlife and travel. I am an electronic engineer and work in R&D. In my spare time, I do voluntary work for Badgerwatch Ireland and the Little Tern Project in Baltray. I wrote and maintain badgerwatch website, and here is a shameless plug:
I do posters and leaflets for wildlife charities as the need arises.

I have had four photography exhibitions, two on wildlife photography, one on world cultures and one on Wake County, North Carolina.(See the North Carolina Pages for the full story). My photography has been published in a number of books, a selection of Irish Magazines and on the BBC. In 2010and 2011 I won the Irish Photographic Federation (IPF) Nature Competition Best Mammal category. Also in 2010, I won PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR 2010, from Magazines Ireland, the group that represents the 110 Irish Magazines (including HotPress, Image, RTE Guide....).


Andrew Kelly, Wildlife Photographer

Irish Photographer Of The Year 2010 - Andrew Kelly

After being short-listed by Magazines Ireland, it was a real pleasure to receive this award in recognition of the photography I have done for IWT magazine during the year. The award covers 110 magazines in Ireland representing all types of magazines from Image, U, RTE Guide, Cara, Hot Press, Sky Magazine etc..

IWT Magazine Cover