Andrew Kelly Wildlife and Landscape Photography

Puffins with Sandeels Gallery


Puffins with Sandeels and Puffin Behaviour

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Puffin with Sandeels Closeup


Puffins with Sandeels with Sea Background


Puffin Stretching Wings at Colony


Puffins with Sandeels Sitting on Rock


Puffin with Sandeels Spreading Wings


Puffin Gathering Nest Material


Puffin with Sandeels Portrait


Puffin with Wings Outstretched


Puffin on Rocks


Puffin with Very Large Fish


Atlantic Puffin in Flight with Sandeels


Puffin in Flight


Atlantic Puffins Fighting


Puffin with Sandeels on Green Background


Puffin with Sandeels on Brown Background


Atlantic Puffin Yawning


Sitting Puffin Portrait


Standing Puffin Spreads Wings


Two Puffins Billing


Puffins Sitting on a Lighthouse Wall


Puffin About to Take-Off


Closeup of Puffin with Sandeels


Portrait of Puffin Standing with Sandeels


Puffin with Sandeels and Colony in Background


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