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I have brought together many of the bird galleries that were scattered around my website in different places. If you want to find out more about wildlife photography, have a look at the tutorials page class notes for Landscape and wildlife photography. As with the other galleries, click on an image to bring you to the next image.


  Kingfisher Gallery 2015   Kingfisher Gallery 2015      

Long Tailed Tits





  Eider Gallery   Buzzard Gallery   Kingfisher Gallery  






  Corncrake Gallery   Woodpecker Gallery   Jay Gallery  



Great Spotted Woodpecker


Eurasian Jay

  Garden Birds   Starlings    

Garden Birds




Puffin Gallery

  Short-eared Owls   Arctic Terns   Sandwich Terns  

Short-eared Owls


Arctic Tern


Sandwich Tern

  Little Terns   Red Grouse   Red Billed Choughs  

Little Tern


Red Grouse


Red-billed Chough

  Dipper   North American Birds   Waterford Pelagic  



North American Birds


Waterford Pelagic



Bird Behaviour Galleries


  Grebes Displaying   Storks Displaying   Heron Courtship  

The Private Life of
The Great Crested Grebe


Storks Displaying


Heron Courtship

  Starlings   Swans Courting      



Swans Life