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Grey Wolf

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Grey Wolf with Salmon


Grey Wolf on Shore


Grey Wolf in River


Grey Wolf approaches Bear causiously


Grey Wolf Portrait


Grey Wolf Walks by River


Grey Wolf Waking in River


Grey Wolf Standing in River


Grey Wolf Hunting Salmon


hesitant Grey Wolf


Wolf watches Brown Bear

  Grey Wolf by Mossy Rocks


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About the Photo Shoot

These images were taken in late Summer of 2009 in Alaska. We were in Katmai National Park (roughly the size of Wales) observing and photographing Brown Bear at the time. During the week, this female wolf used to wander the territory between Brooks falls and our camp site. Many people present didn't get to see this beautiful animal, but we were fortunate enough to get a few special visits!

Anecdotally, the park rangers said that it was part of a pack that dispersed to feed. From the images you will see that Salmon is on the menu and apart from a small cut on the elbow, the wolf appeared in good condition.

The wolf was wary of our presence but far more alert to the presence and position of the bears. On a number of instances, when the wolf came too close, the bears would charge the wolf, upon which she was off.